Ipod vs zune essay

Zune vs ipod part 2 posted january 29, 2008 okay, here is part 2 part 2 will consist of the features of ipods (i will close with part 3 comapring and contrasting the zune and ipod) features of ipod: ipod uses coverflow technology, so you can browse through your music by album cover. On the other hand, if you're thinking about one of the larger-capacity players, the 120gb zune's screen is larger than the 120gb ipod classic's. Hey bruff, you may want to use the search feature on this site there are a few threads already about the zune here i bought a zune myself and so far highly recommend it. Zune vs ipod published on march 27, 2007 june 28, 2008 by joseph eulo portable mp3 players have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the late 1990s. White papers downloads reviews galleries videos techrepublic forums zune 2 vs ipod, by the numbers information on the zune 2 is all over the place this morning the question on everyone's.

More essay examples on microsoft rubric like the xbox in the gamin industry before zune is positioned by microsoft to compete against the apple’s much ipod in the music industry - microsoft zune – customer profile essay introduction microsoft is planning not only to compete with ipod not only in the hardware sales but also dent into apple’s domination of online music sales through itunes. Get an ipod- the only way the zune could ever be better than an ipod would be if at most, or at least some of your friends had them, so you could share music- but even then, you don't get to keep it for more than a few days. Robbie bach, the former leader of microsoft's home entertainment and mobile business, gave an interesting post-mortem on the zune, microsoft's failed attempt to take on the ipod bach hasn't. Ipod vs zune in 2006 microsoft came up with an answer to the apple itunes/ ipod mp3 player and product line, and called it the zune - ipod vs zune introduction zune is the product-line brand name for the zune portable media players, zune software, and zune marketplace services sold by microsoft, which provides music, video, and podcast downloads.

The zune might actually be better than the ipod nano or classic in terms of features, but it will probably be a long time before a device unseats the ipod from its throne, and for good reason. Zune vs ipod part 3 posted january 30, 2008 hello again people here is the final part on the zune vs ipod debate overall, the zunes and the ipods are very unique and very fun pieces of technology there are some features i like better on the zune and some features i like better on the ipod. Ipod nano, zune, or ipod 80gb (depending on her needs: nano for casual listener or the best in cool, zune for the extensive music collection, ipod 80gb for music and external hard drive if she's a computer person. Zune vs ipods essays and research papers search ipod vs zune ipod vs zune the mp3 player has come a long way since their debut in the late 1990s the first mp3 players introduced, the words: 989 — pages: 4.

The ipod surprisingly has more features, but the ones the zune has are pretty innovative the itunes store is great and has games and video, but marketplace is brand new and hopefully more things. We would like to compare the microsoft zune hd with one of the top media player in the mp3 market place which is apple ipod touch in short, the latest version of the ipod is a digital media player that can handle music, photos, podcasts, video, apps, games and with the flip of a setting, any file type at all in its portable-hard-drive mode its form factor is unfathomably compact, third-party. Read this business essay and over 88,000 other research documents ipod vs zune the year was 2001, a year that most americans will remember as the year the changed our lives forever it. The zune is your prize fight winner, defeating the ipod classic 3 point 8 to 3 point 7 apple seems happy to keep the classic the way it is, and the constantly evolving microsoft zune is the one.

Ipod vs zune essay

The first zune was released in 2006, five years after the ipod’s release the zune hd came out in 2009, two years after the ipod touch went on sale by that point, ipod had become the world’s. The original zune, in 2006, was a direct response to what we'd today call the ipod classic fair enough fair enough but when the zune hd came out in 2009, the future was already shifting towards. Also ipod touch is in 3rd generation but zune hd in 1st generation looking at the comparison chart below : one can easily make out, as ipod touch is old thats why it has got so many apps, but thats not the case with zune hd. Ipod vs zune essay ipod vs zune essay 1711 words 7 pages show more the year was 2001, a year that most americans will remember as the year the changed our lives forever it was the year that the world trade center was attacked by a terrorists group out of the middle east called al queda comparison and contrast of cd player and ipod.

  • Touch-screen smackdown: ipod touch vs zune hd check out our full reviews of the ipod touch and the zune hd (linked below) for the in-depth scoop on everything these devices can do.
  • The zune microsoft first introduced this portable media player in 2006, with several new generations of the device to follow the zune faced several major challenges: namely, inevitable comparisons to the ipod, which rules the portable media marketplace, and the fact that its software is only available for windows (so far.

Microsoft's zune music player has little or no chance of denting apple's ipod juggernaut and contrary to all the digital ink spilled on product comparisons and reviews most of the reasons are. Best answer: the ipod has itunes which is a better source of legal music, although the zune maketplace is catching up the ipod will make you look cool while the zune will make you unique the zune is more customizable (the new one) the zune is more focused on just playing music and videos. Ipod vs zune comparison the ipod (from apple inc) and the zune (from microsoft) are both sleek, portable digital music players while microsoft had originally introduced a 30gb zune, they announced a new slate of zunes on oct 2, 2007 including $150 4gb and $200 8gb flash-based p.

ipod vs zune essay Zune vs ipod touch  i'd just like to point out to 'nooney man', the new zune is the same size as the 80gb ipod, and the zune also plays movie in wide screen the touch screen is a tiny 3 inches larger, and the zune is a mere 2 inches thicker (with an additional 66 gb of room) you also may be able to go on the internet, but.
Ipod vs zune essay
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